GCOR 6th Edition

Railroads that Adopted GCOR 2010

This has been updated with the list from GCOR 7th Edition. Click Here for the Update

Below is a the list of railroads showing in the 6th Edition of GCOR Effective April 7, 2010 as having adopted the General Code of Operating Rules.

[soc_one_half] Acadiana Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Meridian and Bigbee Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Meridian Southern Railway, LLC [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Messena Terminal Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alabama Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Michigan Air-Line Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alabama & Tennessee River Railway, LLC [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Michigan Central Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alabama Warrior Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Michigan Shore Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alaska Railroad Corporation [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mid-Michigan Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Albany & Eastern Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota Commercial Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Aliquippa & Ohio River Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alliance Terminal Railway, LLC [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota Northern Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Altamont Commuter Express Rail Authority [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota Prairie Line Incorporated [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Alton & Southern Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota Southern Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Amtrak—Chicago Terminal [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Minnesota Valley Transportation Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Amtrak—Michigan Line [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mission Mountain Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Amtrak—NOUPT [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mississippi Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] AN Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mississippi & Tennessee RailNet, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Apache Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mississippi Tennessee Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] A&R Terminal Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Missouri & Northern Arkansas RR Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arizona & California Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Missouri & Valley Park Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arizona and California Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Modesto & Empire Traction Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arizona Central Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Montana Rail Link [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arizona Eastern Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Mount Vernon Terminal Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arkansas Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Napa Valley Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arkansas Midland Railroad Company Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nashville and Eastern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nashville and Western Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Arkansas Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] National Coal Rail Line [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nebkota Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] AT&L Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nebraska Central Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Atlantic & Western Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Austin Western Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Nebraska Northeastern Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Baton Rouge Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New England Central Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Bauxite & Northern Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New Mexico Rail Runner Express [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Bay Line Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Belt Railway Company of Chicago [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] BHP Nevada Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New Orleans Public Belt Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Newburgh & South Shore Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] BNSF Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] New York & Atlantic Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Boise Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] North Carolina & Virginia Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Buckingham Branch Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Buffalo & Pittsburg Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] California Northern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Northern Lines Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] California Western Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Northern Ohio & Western Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Camas Prairie RailNet, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Northern Plains Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Canadian Pacific [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Caney Fork & Western Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Ohio Central Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Canon City and Royal Gorge Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Ohio Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Carolina Piedmont Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Carrizo Gorge Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Cascade and Columbia River Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Otter Tail Valley Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pacific Harbor Line [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central California Traction Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pacific Sun Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Illinois Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Kansas Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Panhandle Northern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Midland Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pecos Valley Southern Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Montana Rail [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pend Oreille Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Caltrain) [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Railroad of Indiana [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pennsylvania Southwestern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Central Railroad of Indianapolis [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Charlotte Southern Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Pittsburgh & Ohio Central Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chattahoochee Bay Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Point Comfort & Northern Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Port Bienville Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Portland & Western Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chicago, Ft. Wayne & Eastern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Portland Terminal Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chicago Rail Link [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Progressive Rail Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] City of Prineville Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Rarus Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] C&NC Railroad Corporation [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Red River Valley & Western Railroad Co. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Columbia Basin Railroad Co. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Riceboro Southern Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Columbia and Cowlitz Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Richmond Pacific Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Columbia Terminal [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Richmond Terminal Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Columbus & Greenville Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Rio Valley Switching Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Columbus & Ohio River Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Rochester & Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Commonwealth Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Connecticut Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Saginaw Valley Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Council Bluffs Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Diego Northern Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] D&I Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Francisco Bay Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Joaquin Valley Railroad Co., Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Luis Central Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Dakota Southern Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] San Pedro and Southwestern Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Sand Springs Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Decatur Junction Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Santa Fe Southern Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Denver Rock Island Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] DeQueen & Eastern Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Savage Bingham & Garfield Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Detroit Connecting Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Savannah Port Terminal Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] East Tennessee Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] SEMO Port Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Eastern Alabama Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Sierra Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Eastern Idaho Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South Buffalo Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Ellis & Eastern Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South Carolina Central Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South Central Tennessee Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Farmrail Corporation [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South East Kansas Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] First Coast Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Florida East Coast Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] South Plains Lamesa Railroad Ltd. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Fordyce & Princeton Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Southern California Regional Rail Authority [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Fort Worth & Western Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Southern Switching Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Fox Valley & Western [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Southwestern Railroad Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Fulton County Railway, LLC [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] St. Croix Valley Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Galveston Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] St. Maries River Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Gateway Western Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Stillwater Central Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Georgetown Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Georgia Central Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Talleyrand Terminal Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Georgia & Florida Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tazewell & Peoria Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Georgia Southwestern Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tecumseh Branch Connecting Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Georgia Woodlands Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Inc [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Golden Isles Terminal Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tennken Railroad Company Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Golden Triangle Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Grain Belt Corp [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Texas – New Mexico Division [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Grand Canyon Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Texas North Western Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Grand Elk Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Texas Northeastern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Texas, Gonzales & Northern Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Great Northwest Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Texas Rock Crusher Railway Co. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Great Western Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Timber Rock Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Gulf Colorado & San Saba Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Huron and Eastern Railway Company, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tomahawk Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Hutchinson and Northern Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Trinity Railway Express [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Illinois & Midland Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Trona Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Illinois Railway, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tulare Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Indiana & Ohio Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Indiana Rail Road Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Indiana Southern Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Union Pacific Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] International Bridge & Terminal Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] United States Army Military Railroad System [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Iowa Chicago & Eastern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Utah Central Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Iowa Interstate Railroad Ltd. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Utah Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Iowa Northern Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Utah Transit Authority [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Jaxport Terminal Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] V&S Railroad Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kansas City Southern Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Valdosta Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kansas City Terminal Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Ventura County Railway Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Verde Canyon Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kaw River Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Vicksburg Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kentucky West Tennessee Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Virginia Southern Division [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Keokuk Junction Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Wabash Central Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kettle Falls International Railway, LLC [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Warren & Trumbull Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kiamichi Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] WATCO Transportation Services [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Kyle Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] West Tennessee Railroad, LLC [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] West Tennken Railroad Corp. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] West Texas and Lubbock Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Lapeer Industrial Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Lewis and Clark Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Willamette & Pacific Railroad, Inc. [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Little Rock and Western Railway, LP [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Willamette Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Longview Switching Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Willamina and Grand Ronde Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Los Angeles Junction Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Wilmington Terminal Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Louisiana and Delta Railroad Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Louisiana Southern Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Wyoming/Colorado Railroad Company [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Luxapalila Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Yellowstone Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Mahoning Valley Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] York Railway [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Manufacturers Junction Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Youngstown & Austintown Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Maryland Midland Railway [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Youngstown Belt railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] Maumee & Western Railroad [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Yreka Western Railroad [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half] McCloud Railway Company [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] [/soc_one_half]