Railroad Rules

Railroad Rules explained in an easy way for everyone to understand.

1.2.5 Reporting

If a personal injury occurs at any time on railroad property or railroad provided facility has to be reported to the appropriate manager immediately. In addition to reporting the injury, the proper form must be completed If an injury occurs on your own time that will impact your ability to o your job at the […]

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1.2.6 Statements

You are only allowed to provide a statement as indicated below. Statements to any other individuals must be authorized by the designated manager. Information about individuals other than railroad employees involved in accidents or personal injuries can be given to authorized railroad representatives or law enforcement officers. The same as above applies to the injury […]

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1.2.7 Furnishing Information

If you know something about an accident, incident, injury, or rules violation, you must truthfully provide that information to the proper authority.

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1.3.1 Rules, Regulations, and Instructions

Safety Rules. Safety rules are issued in another book. Employees must have a copy of that book, know and comply with the safety rules that have been issued. General Code of Operating Rules.¬†Employees must know and comply with the operating rules that have been issued. While on duty, employees must have a current copy they […]

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These definitions have been updated to the 7th Edition of GCOR Effective April 1, 2015. Click Here for the Update Below are the Definitions showing in the 6th Edition of GCOR Effective April 7, 2010. ABS See Automatic Block Signal System. Absolute Block A length of track that no train is permitted to enter while […]

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